28 Aug 2015

Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers-

Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers- (Japanese: Rokka no Yuusha) is set in a "Aztec meets Greek/Roman Empire" world. Adlet Myer is the main character, an 18 year old who has a nice hair colour combination going on (anyone else agree?) and is the easygoing/carefree type until things get serious. He claims to be the strongest man in the world and wants to be chosen as one of Six Flowers by the Goddess of Fate. The Goddess chooses six strong people who fight together to defeat the Demon God who reincarnates over time. But to make their journey difficult, fiends are summoned to defeat the Six before they reach the land where the Demon God can be found.

There is a brief history of how the Six came to be chosen and their journey to defeat the Demon God after Adlet is introduced to us. Continue on with the anime (not that much further), and it kind of has a RPG feel to it.

26 Aug 2015

Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru

A Karate manga with a very high rating = should see how good it is. I can and will say it is really good.

Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru (KSKM) stars Kohinata Minoru, a student who attends a college known for its sports rather than academic orientation. He starts off as a member of the Gymnastics Club with his friend Misaki Nana, only for things to go south which results in him joining the Karate Club.

It starts off a bit confusing, which made me think that the first chapter would be something like the one Boku no Hero Academia has, but it turns out to be quite an important part of the story (with a very funny moment I might add).

25 Aug 2015

Vampire Knight

As the name suggests, this is about vampires, but not (thank goodness) in a Twilight kind of way. Vampire Knight is a manga mostly based around the goings on in Cross Academy, a school attended by two groups of students: the Day Class and the Night Class. But, the Night Class is full of vampires, which only a select few are aware of, including Cross Academy Guardians Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu. Things do get much more interesting and complex when the story moves away from the academy and follows the individual stories of Yuki and Zero (and others).

Vampire Knight takes vampires to a different level. Think upper class/lower class due to their blood type/lineage. For example, you have Kaname Kuran, a student of the Night Class and someone you'll see a lot of throughout the story, who is a pure blood, making him someone to admire. Then you have humans who have been bitten by vampires; these are classed by levels if I remember correctly. The vampires can also have abilities, such as ice, fire, and haemomancy (I think that's right).

23 Aug 2015

Pokemon Origins

After watching Pokemon - The First Movie, I decided to watch Pokemon Origins. It has a very strong link to the Pokemon games, starting off with the new game/load game option and an intro from Professor Oak who talks to you (the viewer) about Pokemon and if you wish to embark on a journey. Who wouldn't want to live or relive this in anime form?

Anyway, we start off our own journey as we're introduced to Red, our main character in Origins. Fans of the anime know that Ash Ketchum is based off of Red, whereas Gary Oak is based off of his rival Blue. Naturally there are some links to each of their journeys, as Blue is Red's friend/rival that we see at certain points and wishes to fight Red too. Of course in the games you should have trained hard and captured stronger Pokemon at these points, and would have won these battles easily. If not then, train harder.

21 Aug 2015

Ixion Saga DT

I was curious to see what this anime was like when I saw it a few times whilst browsing through anime, which turned out to be one of comedy and adventure. Hokaze Kon is the main character in Ixion Saga DT (short for Dimensional Transfer), who is sent to another world called Mira whilst in the middle of playing a Monster Hunter parody(?) by a female player who suddenly appears after he fails a quest. This new world is the home of a mystery energy known as Alma.

Plastic Memories

Tsukasa Mizugaki is our main character in Plastic Memories, who lands a role in the Terminal Service department at SAI Corporation after failing his college entrance exams. He is tasked to team up with an android called Isla, which are also known as Giftia, to recover other Giftias that are close to expiring (they have a shelf life of just over 9 years).

It starts off with Tsukasa wondering about how he'd handle life if it was predetermined (wouldn't we all though?) whilst getting into an elevator. There he meets Isla shedding a tear, and thinks about how he might have fallen for her just in the moment. Then after brief introductions to his coworkers and job description, Tsukasa sets off on his first assignment.

Digimon Adventure & Adventure tri

Another golden oldie, Digimon Adventure was released in 1999. Seven kids attending a Summer Camp are transported to the Digital World, where they each meet and befriend creatures known as Digimon (short for Digital Monsters). They receive digital devices (Digivices) which they use to help their Digimon friends evolve into stronger forms when they are in combat.

Tai explains what happened and who everyone is in the first episode, leaving no time to waste in setting the scene and progressing with the story as the group bond with their Digimon and each other whilst finding a way home and saving the Digital World.

20 Aug 2015

8 Things Gintama Gets Right

Come one, come all to celebrate the great anime that is Gintama, one which never fails to entertain! A currently ongoing series, here is a list of things I have picked which, unlike other long running anime series, Gintama gets right (as much as I like Bleach and Naruto, there are times when I just find them boring).

The characters know they are in an anime

Some anime don't do this, but Gintama doesn't fail to amaze. You have Shinpachi who's often worried about what the viewers will think about their actions etc., followed by Kagura and Gintoki about not caring as they feel like the anime is a failure anyway. In the new season, there were a couple of minutes where Gintoki was talking bad about the anime's creators during his public apology and didn't even care.

Bringing in new parodies

Gintama is never afraid to bring in new parodies and include as many characters as they can when they do. For example, the Nintendo parody included Katsura and Elizabeth who dressed up as the Mario Brothers, and the Shinsengumi, a combination which we know screams trouble. Add this with the Odd Jobs trio, and you get a full on battle to win the parody console which, as we all know, doesn't end well.

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

When I try to recommend this anime to people, I get a funny look. Maybe because of the way I word the question: "Would you like to watch an anime about swimming?"

But I did wonder how good an anime about swimming could be, and I can say that it can be good when delivered properly.

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club follows Nanase Haruka, Tachibana Makoto and Hazuki Nagisa, 3 childhood friends who all have a love for swimming and wish to form a swim club at their school so they can participate in competitions and enjoy swimming together again. They meet an old childhood friend called Matsuoka Rin, who came back to Japan after going to school abroad for a while, and wants to settle the score with Haru to prove how much stronger he has become.

19 Aug 2015

Ookami Shoujo To Kuro Ouji

Ookami Shoujo To Kuro Ouji (Wolf Girl and Black Prince) is an anime which takes on a more romcom approach. It follows the story of Shinohara Erika, a 16 year old who is a first year in high school. She tries to fit in with some girls in her class by boasting about how she has a boyfriend (as they have boyfriends), but this backfires when they ask to see a picture of him. She then sees a boy and takes a picture of him on her phone and shows it to her friends, only for one of them to be surprised that her boyfriend is none other than the most popular boy in school called Sata Kyouya (who the girls call a Prince).

Live-Action Anohana Announcement

Turns out there's going to be a Live-Action TV Special version of the anime Anohana (use the link to check out what the story is about), which will air on 21 September. It has also been said that the main characters (in the order that they're shown below the cast) will be played by children (don't the kids look adorable?).

The well-known Secret Base song will be performed by the band Silent Siren as the show's theme song, whilst Galileo Galilei will perform the anime's opening theme song Aoi Shiori. The script is being worked on by Yoshihiro Izumi.

It seems promising just by looking at the cast, but whether the TV Special will live up to the successful anime is another thing. The cast playing the older version of everyone are similar in age too, ranging from 14-21 years. I don't understand why they're including an older version of Menma when Jintan is only supposed to see the child version of her.

Anyway, I'll keep tabs on this to see what else we can find out before it airs. I'm assuming this will only be in Japan, but stay tuned for more info on the TV Special.

Anime Merchandise: Where to buy

I'll take a break from all the anime and manga posts to tell you guys about where you can buy anime merchandise. You may have about some of these already, but here is a list of sites which I have bought merchandise from or browsed for merchandise to help you fuel the anime fan in you. I've provided links via the name of each site for easy access to it.

18 Aug 2015

Sukitte Ii na Yo

A high school/slice of life manga and anime which I came across by watching the anime when it was a new release, Say I Love You is based on Tachibana Mei, a 16 year old who doesn't have any friends. After being the target of those she thought were her friends when it came to putting the blame on someone at a younger age, Mei has drifted away from the idea of socialising with others, feeling that the way to get by in life now is to deal with things on her own. She becomes someone of interest to Kurosawa Yamato (the most popular male student in the school) after kicking him down some stairs by accident and, as a result, slowly becomes someone of interest to him.


An anime that was released earlier this Summer, GATE follows Youji Itami, an Otaku whose life drastically changes when he is promoted to Second Lieutenant after helping save civilians from an invasion of monsters, medieval knights and other fantasy beings from another world who entered through a portal that appeared in Tokyo's Ginza district. But his reason for doing it was to prevent the event he was going to from being cancelled. He declares that his hobby is more of a priority than his job, and only works so that he can fuel his hobby.

The anime starts off steady, as it switches between Itami as he is on his way to the event that's going on, and the portal as it slowly appears in the middle of the Ginza district. Itami is unaware of what's happening until he reaches a certain part of the station, and runs to the action as he tries to take care of the situation before the event is cancelled. And the next thing he knows, he is promoted to Second Lieutenant! He wonders how he got himself into the position that he's in, but uses it as a way to fuel his hobby.

17 Aug 2015


It's time to d-d-d-ddddddduel! (enough ds?)

Ah YuGiOh, an anime I grew up with, along with Pokémon, Digimon, Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z and Mortal Kombat (all dubbed). To see the Japanese version being released on Crunchyroll makes me want to watch it again. I will do, but not on that site (unavailable in my region).

YuGiOh doesn't just show people duelling with cards - the people playing are able to see projections of their cards (thanks to a certain character). Who doesn't want to play cards with the opportunity to see a projection of your favourite monsters standing right in front of you? And attacking/defending? It's like Pokemon on the DS/Gameboy but without a screen and pixels (not that there is anything wrong with that, I like playing Pokemon). I do have an incomplete deck, but it's Jesse Anderson's Crystal Beast deck from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (I don't have Rainbow Dragon).

14 Aug 2015

Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen

Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen (Absolute Peace Strategy) is a short manga by Ogura Akane which I also class as a hidden gem. This was actually recommended to me, and I absolutely loved it.

The story follows Prince Johanne of the Northern Kingdom and Princess Euda of the Southern Kingdom, from enemy countries who have declared their love for one another and are now engaged. But the truth is, they don't get along at all and only married so that the war between the Northern and Southern Kingdoms could end so there would be some long-needed peace.

13 Aug 2015


Namaikizakari is a manga by Miyuki Mitsubachi which I thought I'd check out after looking through the manga site I visit quite often. If you have read Honey X Honey Drops, you'll notice that this is somewhat similar in the sense that the main guy has a great interest in basketball. That's the only similarity, but Honey X Honey Drops is an interesting read nonetheless, though a bit maturer (which also has an anime, but after seeing a part of the first episode I can say that I prefer the manga).

The story revolves around Machida Yuki, a second year student who became the manager of the basketball team so she could get closer to third year student Kido. Machida meets Naruse Shou, a first year who joins the basketball team. His first encounter with her starts off the story and is slightly awkward, which becomes one of the reasons why she hates Naruse. She has an even greater dislike for him when he tells her that he likes her. But even though she tries to deny her affection for him, she does try to open up to Naruse.

12 Aug 2015

4 Crossovers/Parodies you wouldn't notice in Psycho Pass

Psycho Pass is an amazing anime which I'd recommend to anyone, but when you think about it, have you ever noticed these crossovers/parodies to other anime?

Credit to Saeko Doyle (Follow on twitter @saeko_doyle) for all these amazing fanart pieces!


Himouto! Umaru-chan

This is one of the newer anime I have recently started watching. Himouto! Umaru-chan is based on the life of Umaru, a 16 year old who looks a bit like Asuna in my opinion, and is loved by those around her. People think she's a celebrity due her amazing looks, she is always at the top of her class, and she's great at sports. Could there possibly be anything that people don't know about Umaru? The short answer is, yes.

Umaru stays at her brother's apartment, and she has a side to her which she wishes to hide from her friends and the public. Umaru is lazy and acts like a little child once she is in the apartment, throwing tantrums when she doesn't get her way with her brother, who is often forced to surrender to Umaru's childish habits, especially when they are in public. What's more, Umaru is an Otaku, either playing video games, reading or watching anime movies (with snacks she has managed to match with certain drinks) as soon as she gets back to school.

11 Aug 2015

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha follows the story of Takamachi Nanoha, a human girl who is able to transform into a Magical Girl using a pearl known as Raising Heart which allows her to use magic powers through a staff. The purpose of her being able to transform is to help someone called Yuuno Scraia fulfill his mission to seal away Jewel Seeds which have been spread around the world accidentally after he failed to seal a Jewel Seed.

Nanoha has a similar start to Madoka Magica, in the sense that it takes a few episodes before the story gets better.

6 Aug 2015


Poyopoyo is an anime which I class as a hidden gem because, it's one of those titles which you'll never be aware of unless someone recommends it to you or you have one of those days where you decide to look at the entire anime list on the site and become curious of the anime due to its title. The latter is what I did and I can say, I don't regret it. I did this with another anime called Ixion Saga DT (which I'd also recommend ^-^), but this is about Poyopoyo.

Poyopoyo has a vague story-line about a family who takes a very round and adorable cat (which they name Poyo) into their home, and how Poyo changes their lives and those around them.

3 Aug 2015


10 years ago, Ichijou Raku, son and heir to the head of the Shuei-gumi Yakuza family, made a promise to a childhood sweetheart that he would marry her when they reunite. As a sign of their love, he has a pendant which can only be opened by the key that girl holds. Raku has kept the pendant since that day, in the hope of being reunited with that girl. But one day, a girl called Kirisaki Chitoge transfers to his class. They don't get off to a good start; things take a turn for the worse for Raku after he agrees with his father to pretend to date the daughter of a rival gang so there is some peace for three years, only for that daughter to be Chitoge.

Nisekoi is a romantic comedy which is sweet and entertaining to watch. The story is not as simple as you may think, for it becomes much more complicated yet maintains the comedy aspect to the story as it progresses. Raku tries to win the heart of his crush Onodera Kosaki whilst maintaining the fake relationship with Chitoge, and hoping to find the girl he promised to marry 10 years ago.

2 Aug 2015

Psycho Pass

Psycho Pass is a series set in the near future, the time when people's lives are determined by their state of mind and personality using the Sibyl System. This means that a person can be deemed to be a danger to others even before they do something which makes them so. Also, "Psycho Pass" is a term which refers to a standard used to measure an individual's being. The story follows Akane Tsunemori, a newly recruited Inspector who works with Shinya Kougami, an Enforcer, and others in their team to help investigate and solve crimes.

Psycho Pass has everything you look for in an anime (and any show in general): gripping story and plot, interesting characters, fast paced action and a well-paced story progression, tied together with an element of Sci-Fi.