31 Oct 2015

Devil May Cry

Another anime based off a video game, Devil May Cry follows main character Dante, a famous demon hunter. I haven't really played the games so I don't know what he's like in them, but here he has a sense of humour when it comes to the serious bits. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's well delivered.

Back to the story. Dante's first main mission is to escort a girl to her late father's mansion so she can put his will into effect and take over his estate, which isn't exactly a walk in the park. This is Devil May Cry! And I guess you could say this happens in reality, but we shall focus on the anime world. Patty's (the girl) father has some brothers who also want to take his estate, but after learning that he has a daughter, wish to get rid of her before she reaches the mansion. Throughout the escort journey, Dante has what you could consider a sixth sense when it comes to detecting the presence of demons, which do seem to be everywhere, and you can expect a lot of fast paced action DMC style (I have seen gameplay). And blood. Lots of blood.

26 Oct 2015

Tokyo Ghoul

I don't know why I put this anime off until now, but I can say that by doing so, the wait was worth it. Tokyo Ghoul starts off with a bang and does not hold back on showing blood when it can.

As the name suggests, this is based in a Tokyo haunted by human-eating ghouls. They cause fear in humans and can hide their identity, allowing them to mix in with humans. Follow Kaneki, a college student who just wants to date the girl he likes, called Rize. He's bullied by his best friend Hide about this, but he soon gets his chance to date Rize. Put two and two together however (think of the binge eating ghoul you see or will see at the beginning) and prepare for the shocking moment when Kaneki is on the brink of death after being attacked, to the point where he is need of organ transplants to save his life. But that's not all, as we later find out who those organs are from.

23 Oct 2015

Himegimi To Sanbiki No Kemono

This manga has a strange concept combination by intertwining the worlds of royalty and robbers, but I guess other manga with this combination are out there too. But I guess you can think of Disney
movies, especially Tangled when you see what the plot is about. Himegimi To Sanbiki No Kemono (The Princess and Three Wild Beasts) is based in the Alba Forest Kingdom and follows soon to be 16 year old Princess Violet who, after the death of her King Father, is locked up in her room by her Queen Mother. Fed up of living like this, Violet dreams of being able to be free like a bird and see the world just as her father did, and gets the opportunity to do so when she meets the notorious Three Beasts bandits. This trio consists of a pro lock-pick, a man with many faces (like the guy from Game of Thrones), and someone with great leaping strength, otherwise known as Snake, Fox and Crow. They manage to infiltrate the castle twice and, upon meeting the Princess again, Crow is attacked by the guards. He is injured and almost falls out the window before Violet grabs onto him, but the two fall out of the window, and Crow escapes with her. Cue Princess Violet's adventure of being free.

19 Oct 2015


Rain is a manga based off a light novel with the same name. It's set in the continent of Murgenia where magic and swordsmanship are mastered. The story focuses on Sunkwoll, a small country under attack from the great country Zarmine. Enter Rain, the main character, who looks like an older version of Kirito in my opinion, and is the type of guy who is against war and will not participate in battles, despite being general of the Sunkwoll army and an exceptionally gifted swordsman. Which raises the question: how is one supposed to wage war like this?

Rain's decision to withdraw from the battle results in the King placing him on house arrest, which he is happy about. His close friend and fellow general Ralphus asks if the battle will be won, to which Rain says no. The King, despite being warned by Rain about this, marches into battle anyway, and at one point ends up leaving part of his army (including Ralphus) in order to continue to march into battle in the middle of the night. This turns out to be a bad decision due to the King being betrayed and killed by his men who were bought out by the enemy. As a result, Rain ends up marching into battle to help Ralphus, which is a success. But the King of Leygus makes his appearance in the hope of fighting Rain after learning he is a Dragon Slayer - a person who, upon defeating a dragon, gains their power and abilities.

9 Oct 2015

Code Geass

Another favourite of mine, Code Geass is set in a futuristic Japan and follows around Lelouch vi Britannia, a high school student who looks after his blind younger sister Nunnally. Whilst living a peaceful life surrounded by friends and family, things soon change when Lelouch becomes entangled in a battle between the Britannian Army and the Rebels, during which he meets CC, an unusual specimen who grants him the power of the Geass. This ability allows him to order a person to do a certain action without their defiance, which he learns can only be used once on a person. He then chooses to use the Geass to make the world a better place for his sister by overthrowing the Britannian Royal Family. By doing so, he creates a persona known as Zero and teams up with the Rebels to put his plan into action.

8 Oct 2015


An anime shorts like Poyopoyo, Danchigai is based on four-panel manga by Kazusa Yoneda and follows siblings Mutsuki, Haruki, Yayoi, Uzuki and Satsuki as they live together in an apartment complex. Poor Haruki is the only boy out of the siblings, and does not have a moment's peace whilst his sisters are around.

Mutsuki is the eldest and acts as the disciplined one around the other sisters, only to show her true self around Haruki (no idea why). Then we have Yayoi, the tomboy of the sisters who attacks Haruki over every little thing; and she's not good at tests either. Finally we have Uzuki and Satsuki - the mischievous twins. Uzuki likes to play pranks on Haruki whilst Satsuki is the quieter one of the two and is the only sister to have anything in common with Haruki. You can see why Haruki has his hands full at home.

5 Oct 2015

Diabolik Lovers

Think of a vampire romance, but with added mystery and a family of vampires. Not Twilight (never Twilight), because the girl is much different in this. Add a hint of Vampire Knight, and you sort of have Diabolik Lovers. By sort of I mean that's not the entire description of the anime, which you'll come to understand as you read on and probably check out the anime.

In this we have main girl Yui Komora who shows up to a mysterious mansion not knowing exactly why she's there, after moving house due to her father's work. And neither do the people that live there know why she has suddenly arrived. Her first encounter with someone there is Ayato, who we later find out is a vampire (as are the others there, not sure about the servant though) and is brother number three out of the six Sakamaki brothers. The other brothers meet Yui too and a few are quite interested in her due to her scent and the fact that a mortal has appeared unexpectedly in their home.

4 Oct 2015

Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakou

The recent spin-off series to the well-known Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin anime, Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakou is a school comedy set in a junior high school. It focuses on main characters Eren and Mikasa as they battle with Titans. But, as the title and image suggest, the spin-off features kawaii chibi versions of Eren and co, and includes key scenes from the original such as the initial Titan scene with Eren's a narrative. Even the art style has been changed to make it look more kid-friendly, but don't let that fool you - the nature of the characters remain the same and Titans still exist in this world.

Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakou is a nice breather from the original series due to its main focus being comedy and including other characters from the main story such as Sasha the potato-lover, only this time it's a watermelon. Some of them are shown whilst Eren and Mikasa run to school, and as Eren says, it's a long journey if 4 or more characters are shown whilst on their way there. And given the fact that this is a parody, their encounters aren't so...normal, but they are funny.

1 Oct 2015

God Eater

Reading the description, God Eater reminded me of Black Bullet, what with the Gastrea and weapons which were the only ones capable of killing them and what have you. Then I started watching it, and as much as I kept thinking about Black Bullet, I started thinking about Attack on Titan a little before it hit me that it reminded me more of Final Fantasy VII. Here's why: the main character's hair is similar to that of Cloud Strife's; main character is the silent type like Cloud; main character wields a Buster Sword like Cloud; the God Eater's logo (the army's logo) reminds me of the wolf brooch that Cloud wears; and the city seems to be set out like Midgar. What's more, Fenrir is the name of Cloud's bike which, in God Eater, is the name of humankind's last fortress of defence. Convinced?