27 Nov 2015

Ao Haru Ride

Also known as Blue Spring Ride, this is a romance anime with a fresh take on the genre. Main character Yoshioka Futaba meets a boy called Tanaka Kou one day, whilst they're taking shelter from the rain on the grounds of a shrine. There they seem to take a liking to each other which results in Kou asking her out on a date. Futaba says yes and waits for him at the chosen location, only for him to not show up. She soon learns that he's moved school.

Upon starting high school, Futaba decides to start anew by creating a new personality for herself: one that would get her to make friends easily with other girls, and would be a major turn off for guys. The reason why she does this is revealed within the first couple of episodes, but the bigger (and unexpected for her at least) thing to happen is her reunion with Kou. He doesn't seem interested in her any more and goes by the name Mabuchi Kou (also explained), in addition to seeing through her new personality.

17 Nov 2015

One Punch Man

More hero anime in the form of One Punch Man, main character Saitama is a hero for the fun of it. He trained hard for three years after saving a child from certain death, and became so powerful that he can defeat opponents with a single punch. He clearly does not look like your standard hero: he's bald, skinny, and has a lifeless expression most of the time (think Gintoki's dead fish eyes expression). But this expression changes when he's in a battle worth fighting for - he then reminds me of a make-up free version of Ikkaku from Bleach.

5 Nov 2015

Gintama: Reaper Arc (Episodes 279-281)

So the preview at the end of episode 278 states that the incidents which occur during this arc are linked to Gintoki's past, and it will be the story's turning point. It starts with a series of killings of drunkards in the Kabuki district. All victims were cut through the neck, leaving only a tiny bit of flesh attached. Rumours begin to spread that these were the works of a Reaper. Gintoki and co are mixed up in all this when he walks home drunk and meets a Reaper who wants to commit suicide (if they're already dead, how does that work?).

Just by the word Reaper in the Arc title, you can tell that there will be references to Bleach before things get serious. And there are quite a few, including a DBZ reference to Krillin (I don't understand it). But the serious bits come in when we learn of how this Reaper is pulling off these killings when Shinsengumi members Sogo and Hijikata investigate the latest death. Apparently Sogo is capable of pulling off this skill, but he's able to give himself an alibi when he tells Hijikata he was attempting to kill him. Anyway, Hijikata brings in a member of the family assigned to be the Shinsengumi's executioner, known as Ikeda Yaemon. He tells us how this skill is pulled off and who is able to do it: him and one other person. The latter is the girl who was wearing the Reaper mask.

2 Nov 2015

Diabolik Lovers II: More Blood

Even shorter episodes this time round (down by about two minutes), Diabolik Lovers II: More Blood brings back main character Yui with the ever-fighting Sakamaki vampire brothers. But now Yui is more a family member this time round - no not a vampire - as she's grown accustomed to their habit of just appearing next to her whenever they want blood, and the fact that they ever so slightly treat her more like a human than prey. The story isn't about that though, as now the brothers and Yui must deal with a new threat in the form of a new set of vampire brothers.

The new plot consists of the story of Adam and Eve, with Eve supposedly being Yui. This is according to the new vampires who are introduced in the first episode, which we come to know are not pureblood vampires. As you get to know them, you see that their personalities remind you of some of the Sakamaki brothers: the second brother (quiet but strict), the fourth brother (flirty but evil brother who likes to give Yui nicknames), fifth brother (the supposedly cute brother out of them all but is actually creepy) and the sixth brother (the hot headed one who hates everything/one), collectively known as the Mukami brothers. They've now taken Yui away for their plan, consisting of the need to find Adam.