31 Dec 2015

5 Highly Recommended Anime of 2015

It's roughly been 6 months since I started this blog, and a lot of anime released this year were awesome. Here are 5 anime which were released throughout 2015 which I have seen and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to watch a good anime, or who want to try out anime and start off with some of new but popular ones. They're not rated by how they're listed by the way, but feel free to let me know how you'd rate them. You can access the reviews via the links in the headings for each one.

28 Dec 2015

Kimi ni Todoke

I recall seeing quite a few tweets about this on Twitter, so I checked it out for myself. Kimi ni Todoke focuses on Kuronuma Sawako, a high school girl who's pretty much out of touch when it comes to being social. It's not intentional as poor Sawako's appearance reminds everyone of the girl from The Ring (I haven't seen it) and giving her the nickname Sadako. It doesn't just stop there as rumours are spread around about her as a result, such as being cursed by her if you stare at her eyes for more than 3 seconds. Because of the rumours, Sawako is misunderstood by everyone; she simply wants to make friends with everyone. It kind of fails since she doesn't know how to smile, so when she greets her classmates every morning, they end up getting scared.

18 Dec 2015


If you're wanting some military action featuring lolis and pantsu, Military! is the one for you. An anime shorts that came out back in January, Military! does not fail to have an episode filled with at least a couple of explosions. The main character and victim in all this is Yano Souhei whose father was accidentally sent to lead the Krakozhian Army in the war against the Grania Republic. Sent to him are First Lieutenant Luto and Second Lieutenant Haruka who are supposed to protect him from the enemy, but are actually putting him in more danger than he was before!

15 Dec 2015

Digimon Adventure Tri: Saikai

Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Joe, TK, Mimi and Kari are back once again in the highly anticipated addition to the Digimon series! Set 6 years after the events in Digimon Adventures, everyone has grown up and are busy attending high school and what not (Mimi is in America and Joe is studying somewhere (no idea)), with Tai playing football/soccer and Matt in a band. But now this all changes as they're reuniting with their Digifriends. Good times ahead.

Once again everyone crosses paths with the DigiWorld and as distortions cause gates to the DigiWorld to open around Odaiba and allow Digimon to enter and wreak havoc. With 4 episodes to fill everyone in on what's happening and how Tai and the gang are involved, the build up to all the action is steady as Kuwagamon goes around causing destruction everywhere. And as we know from the original Digimon, others in the real world are in the know about Digimon, and as expected there is some sort of special unit which is brought in to everyone together (except Joe) and help out with the incidences. That being said, there's no real action until episode 2, which isn't that big an issue considering it's been so long since I've seen everyone and all the Digimon Digivolving into their respective stages.

11 Dec 2015

The New Gate

The latest manga featuring a popular online game played by the main character, the start of The New Gate reminded me of Overlord, what with the main character waiting for something to happen before logging off (in this case waiting for online friends to log out before he did), only for him to remain in the game and unable to log out. The game itself becomes something new like what happens in Log Horizon; it seems to be the same world but there are clear differences as the main character investigates.

We follow Shin, just Shin (that's what he says), an OP player who just defeated a boss and gained titles that come with some useful abilities, similar to how Kirito got the dual swords skill. As I stated earlier, he waits for other players he made friends with to log out before he does, but for some reason the log out button disappears. Everything else remains the same: his stats, titles and inventory for example. He then decides to finish for the day and goes off to investigate, and he finds out that he's now a rare species in that world that is set many years after the one from the game. This also means that anything he has in his inventory is worth a fortune.

7 Dec 2015

Gintama: Confessional Arc (Episodes 283 - 284)

The Shogun is back in the Confessional Arc! And as always, he's the centre of attention and the reason why Gintoki and co get into a mess. This time it's because drunkards go to Tama to confess their sins and ask if they will be forgiven. Gintoki overhears a few and decides to make a business out of it. But this takes a comedic turn for the worse for him as the "anonymous" people who come to Tama tell of an incident involving the possible death of the Shogun.

4 Dec 2015


Teenagers with special abilities that disappear once they've passed adolescence, Otosaka Yu is our main character with the ability to possess another body for 5 seconds whilst his body remains lifeless for that amount of time. He reminds me of Lelouch with a similar hairstyle, grin and evil laugh, as well as part of his personality. He isn't a complete copy of Lelouch, as what's different about Yu is that he likes to use his ability to get to places, such as getting into an elite school by cheating on the entrance exams and to get a certain girl's attention after devising a plan, but when he's caught out by a couple of people who also possess abilities, Yu moves to Hoshinoumi Academy with his younger sister Ayumi. She is as energetic as Yachiru from Bleach and in my opinion looks like a normal-sized (but sort of different in appearance) version of Yui from Sword Art Online. I know I'm digressing now (=P) but she has a thing for putting pizza sauce on everything she cooks for big brother Yu = mini girl version of Hijikata!! Poor Yu ends up eating everything she makes with pizza sauce all over it, even if the food is already sweet, like french toast. In Ayu's defence, she's just looking after her Onii chan.