29 Jan 2016


Status: Ongoing

Are you ready for a short-length anime featuring tennis? If not, good, because this seems to have more of everything else than tennis (the title means tennis!).

Join the tennis team featuring Marimo, Kanae, Nasuno and Yuri who, despite loving tennis, don't actually play it much. Instead they go around and do crazy things both in and out of high school in episodes which seem to be named after movie titles, which shows just how random each episode can be. And if that doesn't get you to watch Teekyu, you're missing out on some fun crazy time!

21 Jan 2016

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji Live-Action Movie (Update)

Since the announcement, the Wolf Girl & Black Prince Live-Action film adaptation has been under wraps. Until now that is.

It's pretty minimal with what's been shown and, but for now we can satisfy our search for more information with this image of our live-action couple Erika and Kyouya:

16 Jan 2016

Gintama: Body Switching Arc (Episodes 287 - 289)

You can blame Kagura, Shinpachi, Yamazaki and old man Gengai for this funny arc. Poor Gintoki is being chased by Kagura and Shinpachi since he hasn't paid them their salaries, and Yamazaki is being chased by Hijikata. The two collide and end up getting hit by a truck, but despite this they've gone away completely unharmed. And this is where the fun begins. At the hospital the doctors checking up on Gintoki and Hijikata laugh off the fact that they've gotten their medical records mixed up, and everything seems fine to them until they go to a restaurant and order their usuals; they've switched bodies!

8 Jan 2016

Parasyte -the maxim-

Status: Completed

For some reason I stayed away from this anime, but when it came to choosing a new series, I chose this one over Elfen Lied (I'll check out Elfen Lied afterwards).

Izumi Shinichi is our main character and victim of Parasyte (Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu) which, as you would've guessed, concerns parasites. This supernatural species take the form of a green snake-like thing with a mini drill on its head, which seeks out humans in order to survive by taking over their brain. Shinichi comes across one when it enters his right hand, and stops it from going into his brain. As a result, it takes over his right arm and matures, complete with eyes and a mouth. It can also change its form so it can stand on its own and what not. Anyway, after 1-2 days, Shinichi somehow gets over the shock of having his right arm eaten away and replaced by this thing, and names it Migi (because it's his right hand). Over time Shinichi learns more about Migi's kind and what they're capable of, whilst Migi learns more about humans through research and talking to Shinichi.