24 Feb 2016

Love So Life

Status: Ongoing

Before I begin, let me just say: The. Twins. Are. So. Adorable! <3

Now that that's out of the way, onto the review.

16 year old Nakamura Shiharu is an orphan who loves to take care of children. Apart from those younger than her in the orphanage she is currently living in, she looks after children at her part time job in a nursery, in particular 2 year old twins Aoi and Akane. Did I mention they're adorable?

One day the twins are getting ready to be picked up by their uncle, who sees how angelic the kids are with Shiharu and then sort of begs for her to become their babysitter at home. Why? Because he can't handle them. He's a TV announcer/presenter who literally loses his energy when he gets home, so doesn't have time to look after the very energetic twins. So who better than Shiharu, who adores the kids as much as they adore her.

10 Feb 2016

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji Live-Action Movie (Update)

As May draws ever closer, we get more news on the Live-Action Movie for Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji. And this time we get a teaser trailer!

There's a video on the Anime News Network page, which I have the link to:

The trailer shows promise with the movie taking on much of the nature of the anime. Which is a good thing! What's more, Kento Yamazaki suits the hairstyle and colour, and it's a nice change from seeing him with black hair in the Death Note Live-Action Drama. He also seems to take on a more playful nature as Kyouya.

That's all there is for now on the movie, but if you want more info on who's playing who in terms of main characters in the movie, check out my posts on that here and here.

For those of you who are interested in the movie but haven't yet checked out the anime, here's my review.

That's all I have on the Live-Action movie, so roll on May 2016!

Source: Anime News Network

7 Feb 2016

Death Note Live-Action Sequel Announcement

So, a new Death Note Live-Action sequel was announced earlier this week, and just when you wonder how the story will progress without main character Yagami Light, something interesting makes it happen. And here is how:

For those of you who read the manga (not me), you'll know of the rule that only six Death Notes can exist in the human world at one time, meaning six Shinigami can live in the human world. This wasn't used in the original story, so it's an opportunity to bring something new to the famous Death Note name.