31 Mar 2016

Final Fantasy XV - Brotherhood: Before the Storm (Episode 1)

Square Enix have really gone all out with Final Fantasy XV. At around 3am this morning, there was an Uncovering of FFXV, and wow did it amaze. And as you can see, one of the Uncoverings shows Noctis and Co in anime form in FFXV - Brotherhood, a 5 episode anime series. If they're going to stick with the same duration, then each episode will be around 12 minutes long.

Before the Storm is pretty much an intro as to how the game itself will start, but in a much condensed (and animated) form of course. Young Noctis is the first glimpse of his anime version that we see (not including the preview in the Uncovered show), and his encounter with a monster we're bound to meet again later on in the series. Fast forward and we're in the present with Noctis and Co travelling by car. And this is where we find out what's happening in the world of FFXV.

30 Mar 2016

Koi To Uso

Status: Ongoing

When it comes to your love life, do you want to be given your "soulmate" or meet them by fate?

Imagine a world where the government wants to involve themselves in your personal life rather than just making laws so society can live in safety and peace. Well I guess thinking of Psycho Pass is somewhat correct here, but let's say that in this world the government is more concerned with your love life than anything else. That's right: the government is now playing matchmaker.

Koi To Uso, or Love and Lies, has this exact government, which means that it's simply forbidden to fall in love with someone else. They believe science is the answer since natural love isn't working, causing a decline in birth rates, and so the government decided that by getting children to take psychological tests in school, the results will be used to determine potential spouses for everyone. Notices are then given to everyone once they turn sixteen, and it's then that the two potential 'lovers' meet and get to know one another and their future in-laws. And eventually fall in love I guess.

21 Mar 2016

Gintama: Kaientai Arc (Episodes 290-291)

Gintoki and co take a step back in this arc which features the hardly-shown duo of Sakamoto and his right hand woman Mutsu. This duo are clearly the opposite sides of the same coin since Sakamoto seems to not take things seriously and laughs at everything, not to mention calling Gintoki Kintoki all the time, whilst Mutsu is the serious one out of the two and seems to be babysitting Sakamoto more than anything else.

Sakamoto is selling bags which he claims can hold 50 million, but this falls flat and Mutsu ends up dumping him in the ocean. Gintoki makes an appearance as he talks with Mutsu about how he met Sakamoto and how he hasn't changed since then. But the rest of the arc is all about how Mutsu first met Sakamoto and how they ended up in the position they are in now, which also reveals a surprising past for Mutsu (for Gintoki that is).

14 Mar 2016

Tenkuu Shinpan

Status: Ongoing
This is the first horror manga which I thought I'd give a try, and I can say that it does not disappoint. Tenkuu Shinpan, or High-Rise Invasion, is set in a world which sort of reminds me of Mirror's Edge in that it's all rooftops with the addition of some suspension bridges connecting them. Soon after, it started to remind me of Hunger Games, Battle Royale and Btooom!, and here's why: main character Honjo Yuri suddenly ends up in this world and realises that it is somehow real, and consists of one goal: to reach the helicopter to leave this world or die trying. The rooftops and suspension bridges come into play as those who end up in this world can only travel via rooftops and bridges to get to said helicopter, and have access to the buildings to some extent as signs prevent them from travelling down further to reach the ground floor. 
What's more, as the image shows, people wearing masks and wielding a variety of weapons are scattered around the world to kill off those who they see alive or don't try to kill themselves by jumping off the rooftops. Yuri is unlucky as she sees someone get killed by one of the masks as soon as she ends up there, and remembered what advice she received from her brother about running away from strange people. As you can also see, she learns to defend herself against said masks and uses guns in her attempt to survive and reach the helicopter.