30 Jun 2016

No Game No Life

One does not simply play video games
Yet the older generation complain about how they aren't good for us. Well, No Game No Life has proved them wrong. Apart from being completely antisocial like our MCs and siblings Shiro and Sora, to the point where we're unable to survive beyond the protection of the dark enclosure sealed by 4 walls with a small square emitting light and pictures in front of our very eyes. I have yet to get that far, but I do sometimes prefer being at home playing games rather than out and about.

14 Jun 2016

Final Fantasy XV - Brotherhood: Dogged Runner (Episode 2)

You gotta love Prompto
Square Enix announced like a couple of weeks ago that the next episode of FFXV - Brotherhood would be released during E3, which turned out to be today! Good times.
We return to see the group travelling to Caem the day after the events of Episode 1 with Prompto driving (I bet Ignis regrets letting him drive) and who seems to have the best eyesight out of the four of them, whilst Noctis catches some royal shuteye. I guess this is what he does when he's not fighting or being a picky eater.

13 Jun 2016

Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (Revisited)

The closest you'll get to real life RPG...

...unless someone recreates the Nerve Gear from SAO, but then we'd probably be trapped in the game because of the creator going psycho and wanting to kick things up a notch.

But this isn't SAO and there are no signs of psycho creators, it's Is it Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon (aka DanMachi) once again as I try to atone for the pretty rubbish reviews of old for better ones that will actually tell you what I think of the anime/manga, and Danmachi gets first treatment!