18 Aug 2016

Final Fantasy XV - Brotherhood: Bittersweet Memories (Episode 4)

And for the final episode: Iggy the Baker!

Ignis will probably hate me for that, but who knew he was such a good baker? Apart from Noctis, Prompto and Gladiolus. And the chef. Moving on.

It's Ignis' turn this time, as the Sakamoto version of himself (to me he looks like Sakamoto from Sakamoto desu ga?) rather than the version we all know and love (you know the cool looking one) takes to the screen to look after our beloved Noctis, who is now in high school along with now slim Prompto. Time flies when you wait for an episode to air that doesn't have a notified release date, with the game being delayed by two months. Square Enix why?

10 Aug 2016

Sakamoto desu ga?

Coolness needs some limits

Here we have a high school MC by the name of Sakamoto (haven't you heard of him? XP), who seems to be "Cool, Cooler, Coolest" in everything he does. Whether it's hiding from a mother who becomes obsessed with Sakamoto, making a fire drill an intense situation, or pulling off random acts to get through the school gate on time, Sakamoto is the guy to call to make them cool. And the one to help you get out of any situation. He is cool after all.

But, while there were some really good moments, others made me wonder what was going on. So like, Sakamoto, you can be cool, but try not to be in everything that you do. It just doesn't work for you.

7 Aug 2016

Gintama: Feigned Illness Arc (Episodes 296 - 297)

Oh Kagura, it's been a while since you got any attention, and I guess having an illness was the only way for you to get the spotlight before the Shogun Assassination Arc gets under way.

As you can see from the name of the arc, someone is "ill", and from what I just said, it's Kagura. The story behind the ars is that the heat is turned up many notches, and everyone is feeling it, in particular Kagura given that she's a Yato. A few minutes in and she's admitted to hospital where Gintoki tries to take care of her, regretting his actions from earlier. But her "condition" takes a turn for the worse and next thing you know, the gang turns up to pay their respects in Kagura's "final moments". Even Sadaharu. He's cute even when he's upset.

5 Aug 2016


When you don't attend a mixed school...

 ...or ever interact with the opposite sex. Add some Manga drama into the mix and you have Haji-Otsu.

This was the first time I ever knew about a Manga with this idea, and it got my attention. Like, yes you have separate sex schools in Manga, but how many (that I know of) base it around someone whose perception of guys is totally off the radar?

Our MC is Ashihira Himari, a high school who, yup you've guessed it, has never interacted with guys. Blame it on her attending an all-girls school, and/or that she doesn't have any male family members around the house, from what I remember that is. Anyway, because of her lack of socialising, Himari is unable to speak to guys, walk close to guys, or think about them. The final one seems to freak her out, because she assumes that every guy on the planet eats messily, has never heard of hygiene, is super strong and highly aggressive. Until, that is, she "confesses" to a guy who walks the same route to an all-boys school that's just opposite the all-girls school, and showed her an act of kindness that one time.