30 Sep 2016

Pokemon Generations: The Lake of Rage (Episode 4)

That Dragonite though

I'm not happy guys =/ the ending to Episode 3 showed Red coming to challenge Blue after he successfully defeated the Elite Four, and I was looking forward to that battle! But nope, we get a totally different episode featuring Lance from the Elite Four, and Team Rocket make their second appearance so far. I'm not entirely upset about this cos I enjoyed this episode.

I gotta say that the action is slowly going up a notch in each episode that's released, and I'm liking how there is still emphasis on the story despite there being no proper link between each episode story-wise.

26 Sep 2016

Geten no Hana

Ninja x Samurai Harem


All I can say first of all is, this was getting to a good point and then boom, the "you are up-to-date with Geten no Hana". Like come on!! I was enjoying it!

Okay mini rage over. I love Geten no Hana for many things before I even get to the story: Feudal Japan, Samurai, Ninja. I love Feudal Japan and the whole Samurai/Ninja life that came with it, and to finally see a manga which is based in that era, all I can say is Ruby Party I take my hat off to you. If I wore hats. But I love that you chose this setting.

I'd recommend this to anyone who just wants a Feudal Japan based manga, but also warn them that (at the time of reading the manga and posting this) only 8 chapters have been released on Mangahere. Sad times guys. Sad times.

25 Sep 2016

Pokemon Generations: The Challenger (Episode 3)

All about Blue

Episode 3 was quick to come out, for me that is since I watched Episodes 1 & 2 a few days ago.

From watching this, there really isn't a strong link between each episode, other than Red featuring in them, but then again that's only in Episodes 1 & 3. I say featuring, but in this episode it's more of a cameo appearance right at the end. It's all about Blue in this one.

23 Sep 2016

Kuroko no Basket

Basketball unlike you've ever seen

Now I'm no sporty person, and the only other sports anime I have seen fully is Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. That, as you've guessed from the name, is based on a swim club and I must say I really enjoyed that despite having no interest in swimming. So as a non-basketball person, I had no idea how this would turn out, and from the first episode, which I watched with a cousin and my sister who loves her basketball, I was hooked. They weren't exactly focused on watching it so they missed out.

Anyway, onto Kuroko no Basket or KnB for short cos it's too much effort to write the title fully every time (yes I am lazy XP).

19 Sep 2016

Final Fantasy XV - Brotherhood: The Warmth of Light (Episode 5)

Action-packed finale!

Square may have released another episode to make up for the delayed release of FFXV since Bittersweet Memories (Episode 4) had end credits and I assumed that to be the final episode. This one has been confirmed as the final episode, and who cares about an extra episode as compensation? It's totally worth watching.

18 Sep 2016

Pokemon Generations (Episodes 1 & 2)

Bite-sized, action-packed nostalgia

After seeing Tweets about this and while browsing around on YouTube, I remembered that Pokemon Generations released very recently; just the other day in fact. I was even more surprised to see two episodes already released, and how short they are. But, they're the true representation of "quality not quantity". Here's how.

I've already seen Pokemon Origins, and I loved it for its nostalgia and strong representation of the games. So as soon as I started episode one of Generations, I had a smile on my face with all the nostalgia that came rushing in just from the start up menu of Pokemon Red Version. The battle between Gengar and Nidorino is always something I remember which (for the new fans of Pokemon), features in episode one of the anime and in Pokemon Origins, and I just love how that moment was included in this.

14 Sep 2016

Hapi Mari

For better or worse

Funnily enough I thought of that while watching Kuroko no Basket after someone said it during the intense battle between Kagami and Aomine. Such a good match.

This is the second time I've read the manga, and I can say that there are quite a few things I forgot and remember. Hapi Mari introduces us to Takanashi Chiwa, a 22-year-old University drop out (yup not high school for once!) who quickly becomes Mamiya Chiwa within a few pages into the manga. That is, because she meets Mamiya Hokuto, the President of Mamiya Enterprises who "wishes" to marry her. By that I mean, and this made me think of 50 Shades of Grey which I have not and never will watch (I watched Everything wrong with 50 Shades of Grey by CinemaSins), they enter into a contract as husband and wife because his grandfather wanted him to marry the granddaughter of the love of his life. Yes you heard right; it's an arranged marriage guys, with added drama and twists than you'd find in a standard marriage.