31 Oct 2016

Pokemon Generations (Episodes 9 & 10)

Epic space battle and a haunted chateau!

Yes! Rayquaza makes its debut in the Hoenn Region just as I hoped back in Episode 8! And in space!

Mini celebration aside, we get a final glimpse of the goings on in the Hoenn Region in Episode 9 before moving on to the Sinnoh Region in Episode 10, but no Pokemon from that Region show up for now. I guess the theme for that episode was chosen because Halloween is today (even though the episodes aired last Friday, but who cares eh?).

28 Oct 2016

Tanaka-kun is Always Listless

The definition of laziness

If you think you know what laziness means, look it up again and you'll see Tanaka. He's the MC in Tanaka-kun is Always Listless, and all he wants to do is lead a peaceful and lazy life that doesn't concern any of the stuff that comes with being the MC. Tough luck Tanaka, you are the MC so you can't wish it all away.

I've been wanting to check this out for a while, and since I had no particular anime to check out since Amnesia, I thought I might as well get round to watching this. And I love it. Apart from the very abrupt ending though. But that's just me.

23 Oct 2016

Pokemon Generations: The Cavern (Episode 8)


I pronounce it Kyo-grey, but then that's like people calling Tidus from FFX Tide-us (I do) rather than the actual pronunciation which is Tee-dus. Tide-us suits him more.

Well the subtitle has pretty much spoiled the main Pokemon we see in this episode, but then again you see Primal Groudon in The Vision (Episode 7), so of course Kyogre would show up soon after. And don't forget about Team Aqua showing up since Team Magma was in the previous episode too.

22 Oct 2016

Pokemon Generations: The Vision (Episode 7)

Straight outta Johto...

...and into the Hoenn Region. I'm sure Johto only had 2 episodes.

Anyway, new Region, new Pokemon, and new people. And a new plot.

The Vision literally starts off with a bang, as there's an explosion caused by the new unnamed MC infiltrating what we later know to be the Team Magma hideout. His Sceptile is strong though, but then again it did fight a Golbat which aren't known to be that strong. But their pre-evolution (Zubat) is known to be very annoying in games. They're probably the main reason why Repels were invented. Sadly you can't get that item in Pokemon Go.

21 Oct 2016


Teams Toma and Shin all the way!

I say that, but Kent is the most sweetest and genuine out of the four (bless him), followed by Shin. I say Team Toma cos he's my favourite, but I'd take either Shin or Kent to be my BF if they were real. With Toma's looks.

So Amnesia. I came across the game first on Vita since it was free on PS Plus last month, and because I've never played visual novel games before I thought I'd try it out. And wow was it gripping. I started off with Toma and the Diamond Route, followed by Ikki and the Spade Route. After it was Shin and the Heart Route, and finally sweet sweet Kent and the Clover Route. Respectively I got a bad ending, a bad ending, a normal ending, and a normal ending. Now I'm playing through Toma's Route again to see if I can get a better ending with him. Hopefully I do. It seems to be going well (for now).

I then went onto the Amnesia Wiki to see what else is in the game (there's another Route which I haven't unlocked yet), and turns out there's also an anime. So of course I'd check it out, and the first thing I'll say is that it needed a couple more episodes.

14 Oct 2016


16 again...with extra feels

I've seen 17 Again, and all I can say is, Zac Efron will look like Matthew Perry when he gets older, despite there being no resemblance whatsoever. But I do like the Audi R8 that features in the movie. Gotta love R8s.

There's no link between 17 Again and Orange at all. So don't get too excited/disappointed/whatever you feel about this because I just remembered 17 Again as I was watching this. Hence the subtitle.

Ok so, Orange. It's a "change the past" type anime with ERASED and Anohana vibes to it. Like a lot, with almost as many feels as Anohana, but more animated characters than either of these anime. You'll see what I mean.

9 Oct 2016

Pokemon Generations (Episodes 5 & 6)

Johto with Legendaries!

Two episodes this week, and we're now in Johto! Pokemon is making progress. Good times

Johto is one of my favourite generations/region as I mentioned in the Episode 4 review, which had some good moments that I will not spoil for those of you who have yet to catch up with this series (but have kindly provided a link to the review!)

I'm guessing that with every new region we'll get two episodes in a week rather than one, seeing as how with the Kanto region we got two episodes, even though Episode 1 was pretty much a montage of scenes showing region and what we can look forward to. Not that I'm complaining. It's a nice way to show we're moving on to a new region in the Pokemon World.