30 Nov 2016

Bungo Stray Dogs (Season 1)

Such a lovable but strange bunch

I checked out Bungo after seeing Tweets about Season 2 episodes being aired, and I didn't know that Season 1 had aired earlier this year! Talk about being behind the times.

But there is a good thing about that: you're not aboard the live hype train and you can enjoy the anime without anyone spoiling stuff via Twitter. Although I am currently aboard the Yuri on Ice hype train. Quite a contradicting statement there...

Ok so Bungo. I've only seen Season 1 for now since Season 2 is still being aired (am I cheating?), and I love it. There are some parts I don't like (we'll get to that), but overall I do love Season 1.

Bungo is based on MC Nakajima Atsushi, the first orphan I've seen in anime and from what I can remember, and who has the strangest hairline ever. The poor kid is kicked out of his orphanage from the very beginning, and with no money and nowhere else to go, he decides to live his life on the streets, that is until he meets the very funny and strange Dazai Osamu after saving him from the river. Turns out he was trying to commit suicide, and failed at it.

25 Nov 2016

Pokemon Generations: The Frozen World (Episode 14)

Ice ice baby

Wow, and I thought The Uprising was dark but epic. As promised, I watched The Frozen World shortly after I posted up the review for The Uprising, and it just amazed me at how things took an even darker turn.

The Frozen World is a continuation of The Uprising what with the battle between the Gym Leaders and Team Plasma, only this time the number of people and Pokemon have decreased, and the battle in this episode takes place in a more crowded area.

So you're watching an episode of Pokemon Generations (of course) but it's not your standard Pokemon Generations episode. Instead of being in open areas or in caves and what have you, we're in Opelucid City in the Unova Region with Batman-style action. No no there's no (Zu-/Gol-) Batman; it's a Pokemon meets Batman episode. You'll see what I mean.

Pokemon Generations: The Uprising (Episode 13)

Time for Unova Region

That pun was intended, but apologies if you're throwing tomatoes at the screen =P I try to make my posts as fun and interesting as possible!

Anyway, another late Pokemon Generations post, but I will have this week's episode (Episode 14) up shortly after this one, so I'll be back on track next week. Now we're in the Unova Region, and those who watch the anime will know our main girl Iris is the MC in this episode. She sounds a lot like Lucy Heartfilia from the English Dub version of Fairy Tail. Does sort of suit her.

18 Nov 2016

Pokemon Generations: The Magma Stone (Episode 12)

Team Galactic are back at it again

Sorry for another late Pokemon Generations review; being a final year uni student means a very busy schedule. But I haven't forgotten my beloved readers!

The Magma Stone is last week's episode which featured Team Galactic yet again, who now have a new leader, Charon, since former leader Cyrus just left them to it after finding his utopia in The New World. Talk about being a good team player eh?

Anyway, Team Galactic have left their plan to use Dialga and Palkia to create their ideal world, and have turned to another Legendary Pokemon: Heatran. I guess this is the worst of the three Pokemon considering it lives in Stark Mountain and is a Fire/Steel Type, whereas Dialga is just a Steel Type and Palkia is a Water Type. 

4 Nov 2016

Pokemon Generations: The New World (Episode 11)

Sometimes it's best to compromise

You don't really consider that when it comes to evil schemes, but it worked for the first time (that I know of), and we Pokemon fans got to see it in this week's episode!

That's right guys, a Pokemon "exclusive" has come to us in the form of Team Galactic in the Sinnoh Region, where Cyrus chooses to settle with a compromise rather than see his plan through of creating a new world! Talk about making us feel special eh? Team Aqua and Magma should take a leaf out of their book.