25 Dec 2016

Pokemon Generations: The Redemption (Episode 18)

A timeless love 

The final episode of Pokemon Generations comes in the form of The Redemption, and I'll say right now that the series definitely redeemed itself after The Investigation, ending it on a high and touching episode.

Since this is the final time we see the Kalos and the Pokemon Universe in Generations, what better way to end it by featuring post-game content. I know that The Investigation had post-game content, but that was kinda meh. I guess it was included to save this part of the content for the final episode. Good job, but I still don't like The Investigation.

22 Dec 2016

Yuri!!! on Ice

Beauty on Ice

The season has finally ended, and that final episode was just amazing. I'll get onto that later

I remember the first time I knew about this anime. It just released on Crunchyroll, and I thought I'd check it out after seeing people talk about it on Twitter. Then I watched it. About 30 seconds in and I thought "what is this?" and turned it off. And that was just the opening! Mind you there were other people around and they were talking quite loudly so I couldn't really catch the opening song.

After 3 or 4 episodes released, I gave it another try. Sat alone this time, and I click play on the first episode. And I loved the opening song! I looked forward to it in every episode, mouthing the words and trying to make the ones out I couldn't quite catch. It was worth it.

20 Dec 2016

Pokemon Generations: The Investigation (Episode 17)

A Pokemon remembers

It's the penultimate episode of Pokemon Generations, and wow did the time fly by. It felt like just the other day I was watching the first two episodes that came out and seeing a montage of the different Regions before starting our adventure in the Kanto Region.

Again we're in the Kalos Region, and The Investigation failed to impress. I wasn't entirely focused on the episode the first time I watched it, but when I watched it again, it wasn't anything amazing. Unlike previous episodes, The Investigation has made a dip in the quality of Pokemon Generations episodes released. It is a shame really, considering how each episode has surpassed the previous, and now we get something like this.

16 Dec 2016

Okobore Hime to Entaku no Kishi

No ordinary princess

Another ongoing series, I didn't like where the story has currently stopped. But from the comments I have seen on MangaHere, the mangaka isn't feeling well enough to carry on with the series. Get well soon Akatsuki Kaori!

Moving on now, and I do like where this series is headed. Okobore has a princess as our MC, known as Princess Leticia or The Leftover Princess in her Kingdom. Her title comes from the fact she was given the throne instead of her two older brothers, because if either of them became King, Civil War would follow suit. So, her King father decided that the best way to deal with this problem would be to give Leticia the throne instead. A pretty good idea and an interesting backstory. Well done for making that decision Leticia's dad!

Leticia isn't an ordinary princess either. She's a strong-willed person who will do what she can to make people see her as someone different to being the Leftover Princess, and will do what she can to maintain peace during her reign. What's more, rather than leave it to her guards and what not to handle things, she ventures out into the Kingdom to get a feel for the place she is going to rule as Queen someday, and is educated in stuff no man would think a woman should learn, such as reading maps and what not.

15 Dec 2016

Watashi no Ookami-kun

A treat for all the Fruits Basket fans out there!

I absolutely love Fruits Basket, and for those of you who have been with me since the beginning will know this from one of my very first (and very dull) reviews I posted back when the blog was called Only Animanga. But times have changed, and I hope my posts have changed for the better and are keeping you guys interested and awake while reading them.

I digress.

So, Watashi no Ookami-kun. I came across this when I went to Forbidden Planet in London and was checking out what manga they have (and wow do they have a big manga collection!). The synopsis did mention that this is a manga for fans of Fruits Basket, and it didn't lie. I really enjoyed it.

It's a very short series though, only four volumes long I believe. Now I like stories of different lengths so I'm not fussed about this because you do find hidden gems in the short series of manga and anime out there, and this is one of them.

14 Dec 2016

Pokemon Generations: The Beauty Eternal (Episode 16)

No rest for the wicked

So there are around two or three (maybe four to make it a nice 20) episodes to go now before the end of a short but amazing series that is Pokemon Generations. And we're finally in the Kalos Region! I haven't played X or Y, but from the looks of this episode, it's a pretty interesting Region with its villains.

The Beauty Eternal is sort of a fast paced but dark episode, and is a strong-ish start to a new Region. Lysandre is our main guy in this episode and judging from the glimpse of Yveltal at the end *late spoiler alert*, he's the villain from Pokemon Y. At first I thought he was a good guy, what with how he seemed to be portrayed during a public presentation with his Pyroar, until he mentions something about never letting the world become ugly. Turns out he's part of Team Flare. My lack of Pokemon gaming knowledge is clearly showing...

6 Dec 2016

Sweetness & Lightning

Food really is the way to a person's heart

I am so glad I finally watched this! It's just so adorable and funny that you pretty much say "aww" and laugh throughout. Totally recommend!

If you like anime such as Flying Witch and Tanaka-kun is Always Listless, you'll love this done. It's a family friendly, feel-good slice of life anime, and you learn stuff from it too. Talk about win win.

Sweetness & Lightning is based on Inuzuka Kouhei and his kawaii daughter Inuzuka Tsumugi, and how they strengthen their father-daughter bond through cooking while making friends. Kouhei is a single-father and high-school teacher, and he doesn't know how to cook. So to get by he and Tsumugi basically ate store-bought bento everyday, whether at home or for school. One day he sees Tsumugi glued to the TV watching a food ad/show (I can't remember ^^') for a nearby restaurant, and that's how Kouhei's determination to learn to cook came to be. Helping him along the way is Iida Kotori, daughter of the woman who runs the restaurant featured in the ad/show, who turns out to be a famous cook. But Kotori doesn't know how to cook either, so she uses this opportunity to cook with Kouhei and Tsumugi and learn through her mother's recipes for dishes they want to make.

4 Dec 2016

Pokemon Generations: The King Returns (Episode 15)


Well there's a first time for everything, and this week's episode definitely proved that. It was such an amazing episode that it made me wonder why all anime isn't this good. There is a good handful of anime that's brilliant don't get me wrong, but when you have a short series like Pokemon Generations, it makes you wonder why there aren't more hidden gems like this out there.

The King Returns is still based in the Unova Region and continues on from The Frozen World with Kyurem under the control of Team Plasma. Ghetsis is using it to create an ice age in Unova which as you saw in The Frozen World, worked well against Gym Leader Drayden who failed in saving Opelucid City from Team Plasma. It's definitely a strong episode and has everything you could ask for: good score playing in the background, Legendary Pokemon, strong storyline, and Pokemon Fusion.